Purity Seals, Scrolls and Parchments

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Premium Ultra detailed A5 Waterslide Decals for 28mm Scale Tabletop Miniatures – Exquisite Book Text, Purity Seals, Scrolls and Parchments

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Elevate your 28mm scale tabletop miniatures to a realm of unparalleled detail with our exceptional pre-cut waterslide decals designed specifically for books, parchments, purity seals and any other places you expect to see text writings. Whether your passion is fantasy, sci-fi, or historical miniatures, we offer decals to suit your every creative need.
These transfers are the follow up of my Kickstarter project: Forgotten Chapters – Scripts for Parchments and Scrolls.

Key Features:
• Extreme detail: Each decal is printed with precision to capture even the tiniest details. You can even read what the scribbles say.
• Professional Quality: Our transfers are printed with specialized printing techniques, ensuring a professional, vivid, and durable finish on your miniatures. This method results in a higher level of detail and colour vibrancy compared to other brands.
• Easy Application: Application is a breeze! Simply cut out the desired decal, soak it in water, and slide it onto your miniature. Our decals have the clear carrier tightly around the design, adhere smoothly and blend seamlessly with the miniature’s surface.
• Long-Lasting: Once applied and sealed, our decals provide a long-lasting, vibrant finish that won’t fade, crack, or peel.
• Versatile Use: Perfect for historical, fantasy, and sci-fi tabletop settings, these decals can be used on a wide range of miniatures, including soldiers, monsters, vehicles, and more.

Transform your miniatures into remarkable works of art with our pre-cut waterslide decals. Elevate your gaming experience and order yours today!



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